"Consensual Abduction"


I discovered gelpens. After many years of arduously dipping quils into jars of ink and working at brushstroke speed I have finally found a medium that swiftly and meticulously renders DMT-cartoons into existence…

new works by Michaelangelo

went to my last house show in minneapolis for a year tonight and it was perfect.. a good mix of punks and crusties and others, and there were so many bands! i got the perfect amount of drunk and the last band that played played for SO LONG,  we started a huge mosh pit! halfway through i lost my necklace, and i thought “well if i’m gonna loose this, then i’m gonna have the best fucking time ever” so i danced so hard till i got knocked down and felt something under the carpet. i grabbed it up and heeey, it was my necklace! put it away and finished in the pit, coming out afterwards i was literally drenched in other peoples sweat from hair to toe and it seemed like there was a cloud of cigarette smoke across the whole yard.